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List of Boarding Schools in Nagpur for 2024 - 2025

Get a complete list of Top, Best, Low Cost, Affordable Boarding Schools in Nagpur for Academic Session 2024 - 2025. View Annual Fees, admission Information and Parent reviews of best Boarding Schools in Nagpur with Less Fees and Apply Online Instantly via

Nagpur prides itself with the existence of some of the Best, Premier, Low Cost, and Economical Boarding Schools of the country. Nagpur Boarding Schools are a popular choice among the parents as they promise great future prospects.

Some of the best Boarding Schools with Fees in Nagpur affiliation include CBSE Boarding Schools in Nagpur , ICSE Boarding Schools in Nagpur, International Baccalaureate Boarding Schools (IB) in Nagpur and IGCSE Boarding Schools in Nagpur. Check the list of Top 5 Boarding Schools in Nagpur on Every Page based on 2023 ranking. Get all updated information related to admissions 2024 -2025

Find detailed information and the list of 2024 -2025 Boarding Schools in Nagpur. empowers you to make informed decisions about your child’s education in Nagpur Boarding Schools. Through our feature, resource and articles, we help you to gain the most out of your boarding education experience. A lot depends on the location that you choose to boarding study.

When talking about location, what can be better than Nagpur, with many corporate hubs in Nagpur it has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for boarding students. Let us find out some of the best boarding schools in Nagpur .

Boarding studies in Nagpur have taken a new leap. A change has been observed in the mindsets of the young parents. This is associated with the idea of coming out of the so-called educational excellence and setting their own bar. The demand for such Boarding Schools in Nagpur has increased significantly in less than a decade. There has been an increase in the number of schools offering residential facilities in Nagpur as well. Here is list of boarding schools in Nagpur, where admissions are open for Academic Year 2024 - 2025.

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List Of List of Boarding Schools in Nagpur for 2024 - 2025


School of Scholars Atrey Layout Jain International School The Royal Gondwana Public School The Swaminarayan School
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School of Scholars Atrey Layout

School of Scholars Atrey Layout

Boarding Facilities for

Boys And Girls





Nagpur , Maharashtra

Total Fees




Institution Type

Day Cum Resdiential School

Studies up to Class


Jain International School

Jain International School

Boarding Facilities for

Boys And Girls





Nagpur , Maharashtra

Total Fees




Institution Type

Day Cum Resdiential School

Studies up to Class


The Royal Gondwana Public School

The Royal Gondwana Public School

Boarding Facilities for

Boys And Girls





Nagpur , Maharashtra

Total Fees




Institution Type

Day Cum Resdiential School

Studies up to Class


The Swaminarayan School

The Swaminarayan School

Boarding Facilities for






Nagpur , Maharashtra

Total Fees




Institution Type

Day Cum Resdiential School

Studies up to Class

X (Ten)

mayo college boys

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List of Boarding Schools in Nagpur for 2024 - 2025 Fees,Admission,Reviews & Contact No


List of Boarding Schools in Nagpur

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, where parents will find A to Z information related to boarding schools in Nagpur like Why Consider Boarding Schools in Nagpur? Types of Boarding Schools in NagpurAdmission Process and Eligibility Criteria, Facilities and Infrastructure, Academic Excellence and Curriculum, Fees and Financial Considerations etc.

Nagpur provides a different range of boarding schools to select from, Whether you're seeking a nurturing environment for your child's growth, a well-rounded education, or specialized programs. In this post, we will take you on a virtual tour of some of the Best boarding schools in Nagpur, You will get highlights on their unique features and why they stand out as excellent choices for your child's education journey.

Here, we have gathered all the information you need here to help you better understand Nagpur boarding schools and make an informed decision for your child's Boarding Education.

Why Consider Boarding Schools in Nagpur?

Are you Parent or Student? Who is searching for the perfect boarding school in Nagpur to provide a well-rounded and enriching education?

Nagpur, The Indian City renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, provides an ideal backdrop for quality education and Learning. Boarding schools in this region offer not only academic excellence but also a holistic approach to academic development, character building and extracurricular enrichment.

The Nagpur Advantage: Why Choose a Boarding School Here?

Culture Comes Alive: Nagpur's rich culture is a vibrant thread woven into the fabric of these schools. Your child will experience traditional festivals, arts, and values, creating a well-rounded and culturally aware individual.

Nature as a Classroom: Learning isn't confined to four walls. With Nagpur Boarding School's stunning surroundings as a backdrop, learning takes on a new dimension hat encourages creativity and curiosity.

Caring and Supportive Environment: Homesickness? Not a problem. Boarding Schools in Nagpur provide a caring and supportive environment that assures  your child's mental and emotional well-being while away from home.

Lifelong Friendships: Boarding schools in Nagpur forge friendships that last a lifetime. Your child will get connected with other students from  different backgrounds in the Boarding schools and , building a feeling of community and understanding..

How to find Boarding Schools near me in Nagpur?





Online Research

The internet is your best friend when it comes to searching for boarding schools in Nagpur. Use search engines like Google and Bing to search for "boarding schools in Nagpur " or "boarding schools near me in Nagpur." This will provide you with a list of schools along with their websites and contact information


School Directories

There are various online school directories and educational websites that provide comprehensive lists of boarding schools in different regions. Websites like Admission Team , BoardingEdu, Eduska, PGtoKG, Admission Quest, BoardinGo, Affordable Boarding Schools, Great Boarding Schools, Pure Boarding Schools, Your Boarding School and Fully Residential Schools can help you find boarding schools in Nagpur.


Local Recommendations

Reach out to friends, family members, colleagues, or acquaintances who might have knowledge or experience with boarding schools in Nagpur. Local Parent/Student/Official recommendations might provide useful insights and firsthand information.


Social Media Groups

Join local parenting groups or educational forums on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Post your specific query about boarding schools in Nagpur, and you might receive recommendations and advice from other parents in your area or region.


Consult Educational Consultants

Educational consultants specialize in helping parents find the right schools for their children. They have extensive knowledge about various Nagpur Boarding Schools and their offerings with admission processes. Reach out to a reputable educational consultant in Nagpur for guidance. Or Call 8828912891


Attend School Fairs and Events

Attend Boarding School's Fairs and Events Stay informed about local school fairs, open houses, or educational events where you can meet  Nagpur Boarding school's representatives, gather information, and make informed decisions.

Remember, each and every step contributes to a thorough and well-informed research for the right boarding school in Nagpur.

Types of Boarding Schools in Nagpur?

in this blog section, we will be Investigating the verious types of Boarding Schools available in Nagpur - A detailed overview of the different types of boarding schools available in Nagpur, where they offering a glimpse into the rich educational landscape of the region..

In Nagpur, you can find various types of boarding schools that cater to different educational philosophies, curriculum and focus areas. Here are some common types of boarding schools you might come across in Nagpur:

  1. Traditional Boarding Schools in Nagpur: These boarding schools follow a well-rounded academic curriculum along with a focus on character development and extracurricular activities. They often emphasize values, discipline, and holistic growth.
  2. International Boarding Schools in Nagpur: These Boarding Schools offer globally recognized curricula like the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). They provide an international perspective, preparing students for higher education abroad.
  3. Co-Ed Boarding Schools in Nagpur: Co-educational boarding schools admit both male and female students, offering a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes healthy interaction and cooperation between genders.
  4. Single-Gender Boarding Schools in Nagpur: Single-gender boarding schools cater exclusively to either boys or girls. Nagpur Boarding schools provide a kind of environment where students can focus on their academics and personal growth without the distractions.
  5. Specialized Boarding Schools in Nagpur: These type of Nagpur boarding schools focus on specific areas like arts, sports, music, or science. Students with a passion for a particular field can thrive and excel in these specialized environments.
  6. Residential Schools for Children with Special Needs: These type of Boarding schools provide a loving environment and specialized instruction and support services to help students to realize their full potential.
  7. Military or Sainik Schools in Nagpur: These schools often have a strong emphasis on discipline, physical fitness, and leadership training, preparing students for a potential career in the armed forces.
  8. Day-cum-Boarding Schools in Nagpur: These schools offer both day school and boarding options. Students can attend classes during the day and stay on campus for the boarding facilities when needed.
  9. Day-Boarding Schools in Nagpur: While not exclusively boarding schools, some schools offer day-boarding options where students spend the day on campus for classes and activities but return home in the evenings.

When exploring boarding schools in Nagpur, consider the type of education and environment that aligns best with your child's needs, interests, and future goals.

How to Shortlist the Perfect Boarding School in Nagpur?

Short listing Boarding Schools in Nagpur Based on Your Child's Needs: Here is a detailed breakdown of 8 crucial factors, including Your Priorities, Boarding Facilities, Parents reviews, and more



Define Your Priorities

Start by identifying your priorities and preferences. Consider factors such as the school's location (rural or urban), curriculum (national or international), extracurricular activities, values, and any special requirements your child may have

Accreditation and Affiliations

Check if the schools are accredited by relevant educational boards or have affiliations with recognized organizations. Accredited schools usually adhere to quality standards and offer a structured curriculum

Curriculum and Programs

Evaluate the curriculum offered by each school. Consider whether you want a national curriculum (like CBSE, ICSE) or an international one (IB, Cambridge). Look into specific academic programs, enrichment activities, and subjects offered..

Boarding Facilities

Assess the quality of boarding facilities, including dormitories, dining, recreation areas, and medical facilities. A safe and comfortable hostel environment is necessary for your child

Extracurricular Activities

Consider the range of extracurricular activities offered, such as sports, arts, music, drama, clubs, and community service. These kind of activities contribute to a well-rounded education and personal development for a student.

Reviews and Testimonials

Look for reviews and testimonials from current or former students and parents. Websites for schools, social media organizations, and online educational forums may give a glimpse about the school's reputation and other people's experiences.

Values and Philosophy

Ensure that the school's values and educational philosophy align with your own family values and what you want for your child's education

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a school where you feel confident your child will thrive academically and personally.

Remember, the main objective is to find a kind of a Nagpur boarding school that provides an environment where your child can excel academically, grow personally, and feel comfortable. Use this table as a guide to help you make an informed decision when shortlisting boarding schools in Nagpur.

What are the eligibility criteria for admissions in Nagpur Boarding Schools?

We go into the critical facts of admission qualifying criteria for Nagpur boarding schools in this Blog Section. Learn about the age restrictions, academic standards, entrance examinations, interviews, and other details. Get a clear picture of what it takes to secure a spot for your child in these prestigious Boarding Schools.

The eligibility criteria for admissions in Nagpur boarding schools can vary from school to school, as each institution may have its own specific requirements. However, here are some common eligibility criteria that are often considered by boarding schools in Nagpur:

  1. Age Requirement: Schools usually have specific age requirements for different grades. The age cut-off date can vary, so make sure to check the school's criteria.
  2. Previous Academic Performance: Many Nagpur boarding schools require a certain level of academic achievement. This may include submitting report cards or transcripts from previous schools attended.
  3. Entrance Examinations: Some Nagpur Boarding schools might require students to take an entrance examination to assess their academic proficiency. The subjects and format of the examination can vary.
  4. Interview: An interview with the student and sometimes with the Parents/Guardians may be part of the admission process. This one to one personal interview session helps the officials of boarding school to understand  your child’s background, interests, and motivation.
  5. Medical Examination: Many Nagpur boarding schools require a medical examination or health certificate to ensure that the student is fit to live in a boarding environment.
  6. Parental/Financial Requirements: Some Nagpur Boarding schools may require parents or guardians to fulfill certain financial obligations, such as paying admission fees, security deposits, or tuition fees.
  7. Visa and Legal Requirements: For international boarding students, there may be additional requirements related to obtaining a student visa and adhering to local legal regulations.

It's important to note that the specific eligibility criteria can vary significantly from one boarding school to another. We highly recommend to thoroughly review the admission guidelines provided by the Nagpur Boarding school you're interested in to ensure that you meet all the requirements. Additionally, reaching out to the school's admission office for clarification and guidance is always a good idea.

What is the Average Annual Fees of Nagpur Boarding Schools?

The average annual fees for boarding schools in Nagpur can vary widely based on factors such as the school's reputation, facilities, location, curriculum, and grade levels offered.

Here's a table approximate average annual fees for different categories of boarding schools in Nagpur, along with brief descriptions for each category:

Category Boarding Schools in Nagpur

Average Annual Fees (Approx.)


Budget-Friendly Boarding Schools in Nagpur

₹1,00,000 - ₹1,50,000

These Nagpur Boarding schools offer quality education at affordable rates, making them accessible for a wider range of families.

Mid-Range Boarding Schools in Nagpur

₹1,50,000 - ₹3,00,000

In this range these Nagpur Boarding Schools provide a balance between affordability and enhanced facilities and educational offerings.

Premium Boarding Schools in Nagpur

₹3,00,000 - ₹10,00,000 or higher

Nagpur Premium schools offer top-notch facilities, international curricula, and extensive extracurricular opportunities.

Please keep in mind that these are approximate ranges and can vary significantly. Additionally, some Nagpur boarding schools might have additional fee or charges for things like transportation, school uniforms, extracurricular activities, and more. For the most accurate and current information on the average annual fees for boarding schools in Nagpur, We recommended to contact the Boarding schools directly for the most accurate and up-to-date fee information.

What is the Fee Structure of Nagpur's Premier Boarding Schools?

We shall discover a full summary of the annual fees structure in Nagpur 's top best boarding schools in this Blog Section. We look into the financial components that impact your child's education - From tuition fees and boarding fees to extracurricular activities expenses. Do Learn about payment structures, supplementary fees, and budgeting concerns so you can make an informed decision about your child's Boarding Education in Nagpur.

Here's an informative table outlining the common components of a fee structure and payment models that you might find in Nagpur boarding schools:

Fee Structure Components


Admission Fee

One-time fee paid at admission to secure a seat.

Tuition Fee

Core fee covering academic instruction and materials.

Boarding Fee

Covers accommodation, meals, and boarding facilities.

Extracurricular Fees

Additional charges for sports, arts, clubs, and activities.

Transportation Fee

Applicable for transportation services or excursions.

Uniform and Supplies

Costs for uniforms, textbooks, stationery, and supplies.

Security Deposit

Refundable deposit for potential damages or outstanding dues.

Annual/Monthly Charges

Fees for library, medical, laboratory, technology, and more.

Exam Fees

Charges for exams, assessments, and external examinations.

Special Programs

Fees for optional workshops, special programs, or learning opportunities.


Health and well-being coverage for students.

What is the Fee Payment Model in Nagpur Boarding Schools?

A Comprehensive Guide to Fee Payment Models in Nagpur's Boarding Schools

Explore the fee payment models in Nagpur's boarding schools through this comprehensive Section. From one-time annual fee payments to installment plans, we navigate through the financial landscape, make sure you have a clear understanding of how to manage your child's Nagpur boarding education costs. Gain insights into budget, timing, and choosing the right fees payment structure that suits your family's financial comfort.

Nagpur Boarding School Payment Models:

  1. One-time Payment: Paying the entire annual or term fee upfront at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Installments: Dividing the total fee into multiple installments payable at specific intervals (e.g., monthly, quarterly).
  3. Semester Payments: Splitting the fee into two payments per academic year (semesters).
  4. Trimester Payments: Dividing the fee into three payments per academic year (trimesters).
  5. Annual Payment with Discounts: Paying the full annual fee in advance with a discounted rate compared to installment options.
  6. Online Payment: Some schools offer online payment options through their websites or mobile apps.
  7. Bank Transfers: Paying fees through bank transfers or online banking methods.

It's important to note that fee structures can change from year to year, and the payment models can vary based on the Boarding school's policies. When considering a specific boarding school in Nagpur, it's recommended to contact the school directly or visit their official website to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate fee structure and payment detail

School Name Boarding Facilities for School City Intitution Type School Fee Ownership Link
School of Scholars Atrey Layout Boys And Girls Nagpur Day Cum Resdiential School 29,250 Private
Jain International School Boys And Girls Nagpur Day Cum Resdiential School 33,000 Private
The Royal Gondwana Public School Boys And Girls Nagpur Day Cum Resdiential School N/A Private
The Swaminarayan School Boys Nagpur Day Cum Resdiential School 120,000 Private

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